Learn to manage stress with mindfulness meditation

Is this you?
The voice in your head is driving you crazy?
The hamster can’t stop spinning in its wheel?
You’re totally disconnected from yourself
You are willing to try anything to stop feeling so anxious/irritated/crazy and to find some connection, peace & calm? 
You’re in the right place.


Mindfulness Meditation Helps Reduce Stress By:


Your dear lovely brain is trying to keep you safe. That means anticipating problems, accumulating more, more, more & making sure you’re not kicked out of your tribe. 

Well-being is not very high on its list. 

This is a default setting that can change.

The practices you’ll implement with the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction program literally rewire your brain. The result? more emotional control, peace, well-being and connection to yourself and to what really matters.


Right now, your mind may be driving you crazy. It feels like the thoughts are a waterfall pounding on your head : a heavy stream of shoulds, ruminations about the past & worries about the future. With seemingly no escape, it’s painful.

Through the practices you’ll learn in the mindfulness-based stress reduction program, you’ll be creating distance and watching the thoughts go by (without fighting them) so you can make choices about them. This way, your thoughts don’t control you anymore.


As you practice purposely bringing your attention back to the present moment, you notice a few things about yourself.

Some odd & quirky: “hey! My breath seems to only go in and out of my right nostril”, some temporarily unpleasant: “whoa… I see how I’ve created all these problems for myself” & some enlightening: “oh. Everything changes”. 

Whatever the experience, most people gain awareness & often self-acceptance.

Learn mindfulness-based stress reduction (mbsr)

MBSR IS An 8-week training program

Over 8 weeks, you will work with mindfulness-based practices such as meditation, mindful walking & mindful movement as well as learn how stress works & how mindfulness can help.

We meet 8 weeknights + 1 full day meditation retreat. 

MBSR is experience-led &
in person

To learn mindfulness you must practice. Your personal experience is the most important aspect of the course. Developing a personal practice in your busy life is difficult, but also immensely rewarding. There is space in the classes for discussion about your wins and challenges, for questions & for you to be you.

MBSR is Scientifically validated for…

stress, depression, anxiety, menopausal symptoms, migraine headaches, diabetes, some heart conditions, chronic pain…

… and to increase well-being. 

These results have been accumulated over the last 30 years thanks to rigorous scientific study.

Will you join the next round?

Who is your guide? 

Hello, I’m Inge Broer,
energy healer + mindfulness teacher.  

In 2009, I made a decision totally out of left field: I signed up for a 10-day mindfulness meditation retreat. I didn’t really know what meditation was…, I just knew I had to go. 

I have been practicing mindfulness meditation since. After 10 years, I’m still very humanly imperfect at it, but it nourishes and enriches my life at all levels. It is my passion to share these simple but profound practices.

Professionally, my interest in mindfulness led me to get a Masters of Science in Neuropsychology (with a specialty in mindfulness meditation) and in my energy healing practice, where I have been helping my clients heal through energy healing techniques + applied mindfulness since 2013.

Will you join the next round?

Receive two meditations just by signing up.

The first: a meditation for when you feel crazy (because that's all of us sometimes)
The second: a meditation to train your brain to become less stressed (+ an explanation of what that means)

The Next MBSR

The next 8-week Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Program starts on Monday, March 26. Click here for more details.

About Me

I'm Inge Broer, mindfulness meditation teacher. It is my mission to help driven men and women dial back stress & dial up self-care with mindfulness meditation training.